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Installation Guide

After you have downloaded and installed ThickButtons you need to enable it as an input method.

To do so go to Settings.
Choose Language & Keyboard.
Activate 'ThickButtons'.
Warning message will appear, press OK to enable ThickButtons input method.
Tap and hold for awhile any text field e.g. Search Box. 'Edit text' menu will appear, select Input Method menu.
In the 'Input method' menu select ThickButtons.

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© 2008 — 2009 Dmitri Lisitski and Andrew Pavliv. ThickButtons software is produced by N-iX LLC in 2009. ThickButtons technology US patents 61/111,891 from Nov 6, 2008 and 12/612,873 from Nov 5, 2009, international patent PCT/US10/22137 from Nov 5, 2009