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ThickButtons Usability Tests

Usability tests results
  • 31% faster typing;
  • 24% less errors;
  • 92% want to use ThickButtons.

  • Methodology
    The tests were performed using Sony Ericssion Xperia X10 mini with 2.6 inches touchscreen. 50% of participants used touchscreen phone in their daily life, the others didn't have any significant touchscreen typing experience. No participants had any experience with ThickButtons before. All users were asked to type the same phrase combined from regular words of various size used in daily routine. The test was done once on a standard QWERTY keyboard and twice on ThickButtons. The second try corresponds to ThickButtons performance for users who could have spent a few minutes playing with the technology, but haven't invested any singificant time for learning and training. The results shown represent the performance of the second try of ThickButtons vs standard QWERTY.

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    © 2008 — 2009 Dmitri Lisitski and Andrew Pavliv. ThickButtons software is produced by N-iX LLC in 2009. ThickButtons technology US patents 61/111,891 from Nov 6, 2008 and 12/612,873 from Nov 5, 2009, international patent PCT/US10/22137 from Nov 5, 2009